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Pride is sometimes a destructive emotion. It could turn life upside down just like Asi River which flows inversely..."
The text is taken from; Asi (TV series), dated September 2009, accessed 07 Aprıl 2011,
Turkish television is an important part of Turkish culture, and the Television series Asi is one of the finest examples of the accomplishments of this genre. ASI is a story of the new bourgeoisie, land and love.
Asi is a story of one impossible love. To love and to be loved but still not to be able to find happiness...Two people were separated from the fiery river of the past. While strong love each other, they are enemies because of sins and mistakes of others. "I ran away from that look of love" ... - such is the fate of two lovers.
Asi is about the love story of Asiye 'Asi' Kozcuoglu and Demir Dogan. Asi is called after the river 'Asi'("rebel"),that pass neatly through the city centre of Antakya. People called the river rebellious because the river flows from the south to the north unlike the rest of the rivers in the region. A young man named Demir, who after a long absence returns to his hometown Antakya - rich, handsome, successful ... Demir and his family buried in these lands a secret. It will cause both families to survive the most difficult trials. It will roll over their lives ...
Past has hidden many secrets. To live, conceived with the sin of Adam and Eve ... not buried in misery ... you can not find a way out of it and be a mother who is struggling with death, because of her children ... Only a miracle saved her two offspring. Boy who has hidden the pain in his heart and her girl who will be injured for life ... Why can not the past be forgotten?
One scientist says: "In these places there is only the past ... Here are buried treasure and love epic dramas. Could the greatest love drama in the distant past to resurrect these days? The young man hopes that over time his feelings will be shared.
For three generations the Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent plantation there. Keeping this farm alive is their foremost goal. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu and his daughter Asi work and live for their land. Years ago Demir's aunt, Sühelya, and his mother were workers on the Kozcuoglu farm until his mother drowned herself in the nearby river Asi. Demir returns to his hometown as a rich businessman. Still embittered about the circumstances that drove his mother to her death, he meets Asi and is immediately drawn to her. However, the lives of the Kozcuoglu family and Demir's family bear more connections from the past that constantly seem to get in between. These secrets gradually start to shatter when Süheyla also returns to Antakya. The series has also been shown in Romania and Bulgaria on private TV channel Nova currently airing the show dubbed into Bulgarian.

Tuba Büyüküstün...Asiye 'Asi' Kozcuoglu (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Murat Yildirim ... Demir Dogan (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Çetin Tekindor...Ihsan Kozcuoglu (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Nur Sürer ... Neriman Kozcuoglu (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Selma Ergeç ... Defne Kozcuoglu (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Cemal Hunal ... Kerim (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Tülay Günal ... Süheyla (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Tülay Bursa ... Fatma (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Aslihan Guner...Gonca Kozcuoglu(71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Necmettin Çobanoglu ... Ökkes (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Saygin Soysal ... Aslan ( Rislan )(69 episodes, 2007–2009)
Ibrahim Bozguney ... Arif (69 episodes, 2007–2009)
Onur Saylak ... Ziya (57 episodes, 2008–2009)
Elif Sönmez ... Melek Dogan (56 episodes, 2007–2009)
Kenan Bal ... Namik (37 episodes, 2008–2009)
Dilara Deviren...Ceylan Kozcuoglu (35 episodes, 2007–2008)
Tuncel Kurtiz...Cemal Aga (Jamal Aga) ...(34 episodes, 2007–2008)
Ayca Zeynep Aydin ... Leyla (32 episodes, 2007–2008)
Sahnaz Cakiralp ... Sarmasik (28 episodes, 2008–2009)
Setenay Yener ... Sevinc (26 episodes, 2007–2008)
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan...Ali Uygur (25 episodes, 2008–2009)
Emrah Elçiboga ... Zafer (23 episodes, 2008–2009)
Menderes Samancilar ... Haydar Dogan (21 episodes, 2009)
Eli Mango ... Madam (16 episodes, 2007–2008)
Zeynep Çopur ... Ceylan Kozcuoglu (14 episodes, 2009)
Ezgi Çelik ... Inci (9 episodes, 2009)
Remzi Evren ... Mahmut (5 episodes, 2007)
Idil Vural ... Young Süheyla (4 episodes, 2007–2008)
Elvin Aydogdu ... Cevriye (4 episodes, 2007)
Elif Sümbül Sert ... Emine Dogan (3 episodes, 2007–2009)
Salahsun Hekimoglu ... Reha (2 episodes, 2008)
Series Directed by
Cevdet Mercan (71 episodes, 2007–2009)

Series Writing credits
Gul Dirican (21 episodes, 2007–2009)
Nese Cehiz (13 episodes, 2007–2009)
Bilal Babaoglu (13 episodes, 2008–2009)
Sebnem Çitak (8 episodes, 2007–2009)
Sertaç Ergin (5 episodes, 2009)
Series Produced by

Tomris Giritlioglu .... series producer (71 episodes, 2007–2009)
Bahadir Atay .... producer (52 episodes, 2007–2009)
Ilgaz Giritlioglu .... producer / series producer (34 episodes, 2007–2009)
Basar Arcak .... producer (4 episodes, 2007)
Nermin Eroglu .... producer (3 episodes, 2007)

Series Original Music by

Nail Yurtsever (71 episodes, 2007–2009)

Series Cinematography by
Murat Ceylan (4 episodes, 2007)

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Basaran Simsek .... assistant director (1 episode, 2007)
Original airing
October 26, 2007 – June 19, 2009 (date edited by
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August 31, 2009 - January 12, 2010
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